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Weather Warnings Fully Customized to Fit Your Needs

At WeatherGuidance, our primary mission is to help businesses and organizations develop a severe weather warning plan that best fits their specific needs and concerns.  Here is an example of a severe weather warning program that we helped to develop for the daycare industry:

We are pleased to provide a severe weather warning program specifically designed for the daycare industry.  You're already looking after our most precious gifts - our children.  Let us help you keep them safe during severe weather situations as well!

Weather warnings issued by the National Weather Service (NWS) typically cover a very large and generalized geographic area, with only a very small part of that area actually being affected by severe weather (if at all).

While this type of system may serve the public at large just fine, it doesn't allow you to properly plan for the safety of the children in your care.  Many "false alarms" are typically created in this type of situation, which is an inconvenience to you, and creates a potentially scary situation for the children in your care.

Our fully customized, site specific weather warning program will alert you to only those situations that threaten your specific location.  No more false alarms, no more unnecessary panic.  These are not "refurbished" National Weather Service warnings either, they are customized warnings prepared and issued by our meteorologists specific to your needs and concerns and your precise location.

Here is an example of a warning issued to one of our clients.  In this case, it was issued by text message:

Because we are monitoring only your specific location, we will often inform you that you can disregard a National Weather Service (NWS) warning that was issued for your area, because the storm won't actually  affect you.  Below is an example of that type of alert, again delivered by text message:

The above samples of text alerts show only one of the ways that we can deliver this important information directly to you (or the person in charge of safety).  Other delivery methods include fax and/or e-mail:

...and via the internet through a dedicated webpage on our site:

Perhaps best of all, you can pick up the phone anytime and call to speak with a meteorologist that is monitoring your specific location if you have a question or concern.

How Can We Help Your Business or Industry?

Give us a call today at (512) 504-3151 to discuss your weather information needs and concerns with one of our weather risk consultants.  We'll help you develop a plan to fit your specific needs, and even arrange for a free trial demonstration of our services!