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HazardWarn helps keep you in tune with the weather across your territory...


sampleWhether your concern spans the entire country or just a specific territory, we'll help you and your teams keep a finger on the pulse of hazardous weather conditions - 24/7/365...

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sampleIf you're primarily concerned with hazardous weather monitoring, alerts and warnings on a local (single site) or regional (multi-site) level, SiteWarn® is just the solution for you...

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Insurance Solutions

sampleFrom historic and forensic weather analysis for claims and underwriting to innovative loss mitigation solutions, we've always got the weather covered for you and your insureds...

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Some people are weather wise, but most are otherwise..."

-Benjamin Franklin

Weather forecasts and warnings prepared by the government and dissiminated via local media and the internet typically serve the public at large just fine - but not an operation where the weather has a direct impact on your employees, customers and the bottom line!

That's where HazardWarn® comes in.  HazardWarn® was specifically designed for our clients in the insurance, risk management, disaster recovery/response and retail industries.  While the service is most applicable to those industries, it also has a myriad of potential applications to most any weather sensitive organization that operates over medium to large geographic areas.

The information and examples below are generally geared toward the insurance industry, but keep in mind that each HazardWarn® package is completely customized to fit the specific operational needs and concerns of the individual customer.  After all, hiring us is like creating your own in-house weather department - staffed 24/7/365 to give you only the information you need - exactly how and when you need it.


Fully customized weather monitoring

Whether you prefer to monitor the weather yourself, or you wish for us to handle the situation entirely, we'll design a custom HazardWarn solution to fit your specific needs and concerns, keeping bottom line budgetary matters in mind all the while.

Most of our HazardWarn customers utilize a combination of self monitoring and custom alerts/warnings from our professional staff.  This allows you the flexibility to keep an eye on the weather as time permits, but ultimately leave the worries to us, knowing that we'll alert you whenever your undivided attention is warranted.


Key features of a typical HazardWarn service include:
•Live, fully interactive weather radar with street level pan and zoom
•Fully customized data layers/overlays such as geographic territories, location markers, etc.
•Customized weather data layers such as storm reports, storm damage path mapping, etc.
•Our professional monitoring for specific hazards within your operating area(s) 24/7/365
•Customized forecasts, alerts and warnings of imminent hazards within designated areas
•Phone and/or live chat consultation with our professional staff 24/7/365

Custom, innovative alert solutions

We pride ourselves in developing custom solutions at the cutting edge of technology for our customers.  Once such initiative surrounds an innovative loss mitigation solution for the insurance industry, and is included as an option within the HazardWarn suite of services.

As a part of our HazardWarn InsAlert program, your insureds have the option of "opting in" to receive fully customized e-mail and/or text alerts of impending hazards:


Using state of the art GIS technology, our staff of highly trained professionals can issue an alert down to near city block level for your insureds in the event of an impending hail storm, for example.  Blanket alerts with safety and preparedness information are also available for larger scale threats such as hurricanes, floods and wild fires.

If you're not ready to take the jump to this innovative technology for your end users/customers, we can certainly provide the service to key members of your staff as you see fit, with the option to expand the program at any time (both internally and externally).


Exclusive post-event analysis

HazardWarn® customers have access to expert, post-event analysis of every significant (as defined by the user) severe weather episode from our team of forensic weather specialists.

This report, known as the StormIntelligence® Summary Report, is issued early in the morning following all significant severe weather episodes containing hail, damaging wind and/or tornado activity around the country, and is quickly becoming known as "The Wall Street Journal" of post-catastrophe weather resources for claims experts and the executive ranks alike.

Each StormIntelligence® Summary Report includes:

•Detailed analysis of all severe weather impacts on populated areas

•Detailed description of impacts by population and single family home density and valuation matrices

•"First on scene" photos and videos of damage impact areas

•Detailed tornado track and intensity data


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Customer feedback:

"I will be referring you to other adjusters - your service is impeccable..."  -Don G., Summit Claim Services, Akron OH

"Your reports and maps are easy to understand by associates at all levels of our organization.  We have also found your accuracy to be second to none in this industry" -Jim S., ASI Underwriters, St. Petersburg FL

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Claim verification and historical weather data

From detailed hail history for a specific address to a general study of wind damage and tornado trends over larger geographic areas at various time intervals, we offer a full suite of verification and consulting services.

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