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SiteWarn® has your severe weather concerns covered - 24/7/365...


sampleThe government and news media serve the public at large - our allegiance is to you!  We'll monitor your exact location(s) for specific weather hazards and/or disruptions 24/7/365.

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sampleWe take our SiteWarn® service to the next level with this program, which is specifically designed to address weather monitoring and warning for large geographic areas.

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Insurance Industry

sampleNot only will our highly trained staff directly warn you of impending weather hazards, but you can also monitor approaching bad weather yourself via fully interactive radar.

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Some people are weather wise, but most are otherwise..."

-Benjamin Franklin

Let Us Handle the Weather

When you have a toothache, do you go to the dentist or do you try to fix the cavity yourself?  Why not look at handling severe weather situations that may impact your business, non-profit organization or other facility in the same way?  By giving the experts at WeatherGuidance SiteWarn the task of monitoring, alerting and/or warning your key personnel of severe weather conditions, you can focus on making sure the severe weather action plans of your company or organization are properly executed as a result. 



Fully Customized, Site-specific Warnings

While storm warnings issued by the National Weather Service and passed along via the news media, internet and other sources may serve the public at large quite well, they are typically not specific nor timely enough to meet the demands of a business or other organization with severe weather safety and/or asset protection concerns.

That's where SiteWarn from WeatherGuidance comes in.  SiteWarn is a comprehensive, fully customized weather monitoring, alert and storm warning service.  Whether you're in charge of safety and/or asset protection operations at a school district or a manufacturing plant (or anything in between), SiteWarn can help you stop playing weatherman and focus on doing your job.

Some of the industries that benefit from SiteWarn include:

•School districts and university campuses
•Hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living and daycare centers
•Manufacturing facilities and data centers
•City and state government agencies
•Amusement parks, sporting arenas and other entertainment venues
•Aquatics facilities and water parks
•Any operation with safety and asset protection concerns related to severe weather


We Alert You To Your Concerns

Because SiteWarn is fully customized to fit your specific operational needs and concerns, you'll never have to worry about missing an alert of weather conditions that could affect your operational and/or safety concerns.  Some examples of the types of alerts and/or warnings that we provide include:

•Tornadoes, high winds and/or large hail
•Lightning Strikes
•Temperatures of a specific level
Rainfall, snowfall and/or ice accumulation
•Tropical storms and hurricanes
•Wildfire location and spread
•Earthquake notifications
•Any other weather or related hazards that may impact your specific operations

In each of the above cases, the user specifies their minimum criteria to trigger an alert and/or warning.  If you are only concerned about winds of 65 mph or higher - that's what you'll be alerted to.  If you are only concerned about a tornado threat within 2 miles of your specific location(s) - that's what you'll be alerted to, and so on.

"Null Warning" Notifications

If the National Weather Service issues a tornado or other weather warning that includes your location, but in our professional opinion there is no threat to your specific location, we will issue a notification advising you that there is no threat to your facility.

Due to the typical very large size of National Weather Service warning areas relative to the actual threat, this type of scenario occurs frequently.  As an example, see a Severe Thunderstorm Warning recently issued by the National Weather Service (NWS) below.  Note the huge size of the warned area (outlined in red) as compared to the area that actually faced a potential threat (circled in white):

Example of an oversized National Weather Service warning (click to enlarge)

Not only do our customers tell us that our "Null Warning" Notifications help their employees and customers avoid unnecessary panic due to a false alarm, but they also help them avoid losing hundreds of hours of production time, which often equates to thousands of dollars in annual savings. 


No Repackaged Warnings

Unlike many of our competitors, we do not simply repackage National Weather Service Warning information and/or adjust it to fit your area. 

Each alert and/or warning from WeatherGuidance is prepared by a highly trained, experienced SiteWarn staff member from development to issuance (as well as with all follow-ups). 

The result is accurate, precise and actionable weather information desigined to fit your specific needs.


Multiple Delivery Methods

SiteWarn alerts, warnings, forecasts and other information may be delivered in a variety of ways, including:

•Smartphone app (for both android and iOS)
•Secure website hosted in our house or yours
•Email alerts
•Telephone alerts (voice phonecall by a live human being)
•Text alerts (although push alerts from our smartphone app are often more effective)
•Any combination of the above methods

Regardless as to the delivery method(s),  SiteWarn alerts, warnings and forecast information can be configured to be sent to an unlimited number of users within your organization at no additional cost.

We are proud to serve customers with as little as 1 location and fewer than 10 employees, and as many as 100+ locations and thousands of employees.  Regardess as to the size of your organization, the number of locations, etc., we will be glad to work with you to develop the best plan to fit your specific needs - while staying within your budgetary concerns and limits at the same time.


State-Of-The-Art Weather Technology

Every SiteWarn plan includes access to live, interactive weather radar with full pan, zoom and animation capabilities and pinpoint lightning strike data.  Your location(s) may also be overlaid directly on the interactive map for easy identification and critical decision making.

With just a few clicks of your mouse (or taps of your finger on the smartphone application), additional weather data layers such as temperatures, wind speed and direction, rainfall, severe weather watch and warning data, and other custom GIS data (such as additional facility locations, river flood and low water crossing points, etc.) can be overlaid on the image for a truly interactive experience.


Free, No Obligation Trial

If you're ready to take a more detailed look at our SiteWarn service and how it may benefit your operations, we encourage you to sign up for a free, no obligation trial demonstration today.  This will allow you to experience our service in a real time environment so that you can evaluate all of its benefits first hand!


Additional Information

For additional information, please feel free to take a look at our latest PDF brochure which details our SiteWarn® family of services.


2018 SiteWarn Brochure


Have a Question or Need Help?

Do you have a question that you'd like to ask before signing up for a free trial?  Feel free to call us at (512) 504-3151, e-mail us, or use the online chat located in the lower left hand corner of your screen.

Customer feedback:

You were forecasting 3-4 inches of snow when the local people were only forecasting 1.  We got almost 4 inches just like you said, and were prepared thanks to you..." -Mark, HealthEast Care System, Minneapolis/St. Paul MN

I am simply amazed at how accurate you guys are!"  -Earl Studdard, NCFDFC Baseball Complex, New Braunfels TX

I am very impressed with how SiteWarn has allowed us to keep employees safe and avoid un-needed weather related shutdowns at the same time.  The service has paid for itself time and again.  -SABIC Plant Safety and Security Ottawa IL

Your service is invaluable not only for student and campus safety but for our day in, day out operations as well..." -Rod Walls, Hays Central Independent School District, Kyle TX

We could not possibly go without your services!  We routinely make believers out of event venues when they overreact to an inaccurate TV weather forecast"  -Cheryl Bailey, Yellow Umbrella Events, Austin TX

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Single Use and/or Short-Term Services Are Available

If you're operating a fair, carnival, or other short run event, we have custom forecast and storm warning solutions for you as well!

Give us a call or complete the trial demonstration form and we'll contact you right away!