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Hire Your Own Meteorologist with Weather by the Hour!

Planning an outdoor wedding, party or other large event?  Are you responsible for operations and safety at a fair, carnival or other major outdoor event?  Let us take the "weather worries" out of the equation for you with our "Weather By the Hour" program.

Before The Event - Weather Forecast Services:

From a 10 day outlook designed for advanced planning, to a detailed hour by hour forecast as the event nears, our customized "Weather By the Hour" program will help you to make informed decisions and work around  the weather - without causing you to lose focus on your many other responsibilities at the same time.

During the Event - Severe Weather Monitoring & Warning Services:

You can also utilize the service to have our staff of professional meteorologists monitor your specific event location in real-time, warning you of any weather hazards:

As the program name implies, this service is available on a "per hour" basis for individuals, families, organizations and companies alike.  Municipal and state events (such as fairs, carnivals, etc.) are also frequent users of this service.

Here is an example of a Lightning Alert issued by e-mail and text message under the "Weather By The Hour" Service:

Contact Us Today for A No Obligation Consultation:

As with all of our products and services, this program is customized to fit your specific needs and concerns, from what types of weather are monitored for (and for what specific locations) right down to the method of delivery of the weather information.

For a free, no obligation consultation on how we can help you with "Weather By the Hour", please contact us today!