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Real world examples of how we help our customers each and every day...

Custom Forecasts

sampleFrom hourly weather forecasts to comprehensive 10 Day Outlooks.  Detailed, site specific and fully customized to fit your operational needs and concerns.

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Custom Warnings

sampleNo more false alarms - just accurate, actionable severe weather information!  Detailed, site specific and fully customized to fit your operational needs and concerns.

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Storm Data

sampleDetailed, street level mapping of hail & wind damage events for the storm damage restoration industry. Address specific severe weather verification for insurance.

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Some people are weather wise, but most are otherwise..."

-Benjamin Franklin

Collectively, our highly trained staff of professionals has over 150 years of experience in providing detailed, site specific and highly customized weather information, forecasts and storm warnings for a variety of industries across the U.S. and North America. 

Whether you operate a concrete construction company and need to know whether to put-off that $50,000 pour due to the threat of rain, you're an adjuster or estimator trying to verify storm damage, or you're the father of the bride concerned about renting a tent for her big day, we've got your weather covered - 24/7/365.

Below are just a few examples of how we've helped our customers deal with the weather recently...

"Not Exactly Chamber of Commerce Weather A customer recently had a ribbon cutting cermony scheduled for a particular day.  More than 7 days ahead of time we warned them that rain was likely - possibly heavy.  A few days later, with our forecasts continuing to indicated the potential for a washout, they decided to postpone the event.  Over 1.5" of rain fell on the day in question.

"They Didn't Have a Field Day with This One A school district client had their field days scheduled over 2 particular days.  We had been forecasting widespread thunderstorm activity for several days in advance of the event.  As the event dates drew nearer, the district consulted with us again and ultimately decided to reschedule the events for a later date.  Over 2" of rain fell over the two days in question, and frequent lightning took place as well.

"To Pour or Not to Pour - That's the Question Pouring concrete is serious business.  A client recently had to decide whether or not to proceed with a large pour that had been scheduled on a particular date.  We had been forecasting 1"+ of rain for several days, and one final phone conversation confirmed that a deluge was still in the offing.  The client postponed the pour - and saved over $65,000 as 1.6" of rain fell right on schedule.

"Sometimes the Best Advice is to Do Nothing At AllHospitals have many considerations to make when it comes to severe weather preparation.  One such client was recently placed under a "Tornado Watch" by the National Weather Service.  Only one problem:  there was no threat of a tornado in their area anytime during the valid period of the watch.  We issued an advisory explaining that they were not in an area favored for tornado development.  As a result, they decided to stand down and not execute their pre-disaster preparedness plans.  Not even one drop of rain fell at their location during the duration of the government issued watch.  The client estimates that the decision "not to act" saved them over $12,000 in additional salary cost and prevented the unnecessary alarm of hundreds of patients and their families.

If the weather impacts your business or organization and you need help mitigating those risks, please give us a call at (512) 504-3151.  We do not employ a sales staff.  You'll speak directly to a meteorologist who specializes in helping businesses work around the weather each and every day.

Better yet, if you'd like to start out by setting up a free, no obligation trial demonstration of our forecast and/or storm warning services, please fill out the short form below:

If you'd like to see some other real life examples of how we help our clients work around the weather every day, we encourage you to take a look at our blog.

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If the weather poses a threat to the safety of your patrons and employees, or if it has an impact on your bottom line, you can't afford not to stop and consider...

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Whether you're operating a single baseball field or a concrete construction company with 50 different job sites across the country - we've got your weather covered!

Customer Feedback

We could not possibly go without your services!  We routinely make believers out of event venues when they overreact to an inaccurate TV weather forecast"  -Cheryl Bailey, Yellow Umbrella Events

You were forecasting 3-4 inches of snow when the local people were only forecasting 1. We got almost 4 inches just like you said, and were prepared thanks to you..." -Mark, HealthEast Care System, St. Paul MN

I am simply amazed at how accurate you guys are!"  -Earl Studdard, NCFDFC Baseball Complex

Your service is invaluable not only for student safety but for our day in, day out operations as well..." -Rod Walls, Hays Central Independent School District, Kyle TX

This is an invaluable service.  I don't know how we got along without it before..." -Rick, Charlotte, NC

Your reports are very easy to read by associates at all levels of our organization.  We are very pleased..." -Jim, ASI Underwriters, St. Petersburg FL

As usual, you guys have exceeded my expectations..." -Jon, Rudey Landscape and Snow Removal, Chicago IL

The other services frequently over-estimated the hail size at any given address, which resulted in our driving all the way out to an area only to find no damage. Your hail tracking software is much more accurate and precise. -Ben, BW Independent Adjusters LLC

When your StormIntel service shows hail at a location, we can be confident that it occurred as represented. -Brad, Nailhead Roofing

You are the best company in this industry that we have ever dealt with. We sincerely appreciate what your outstanding knowledge and use of technology does for our company" -Scarlet, N.H. Roofing

I was talking to a colleague at another insurance company today and told him how much you were helping us.  He'll be calling you..." -Richard Gonzalez, VP of Claims, Horace Mann Service Corp, Springfield, IL

After having very bad experiences with 2 other weather verification services, I am extremely pleased with the quality of work that you do for us on a consistent basis..." -Bill Ginn, Universal North America Insurance, Sarasota FL