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Weather Data, Monitoring, Reporting and Analysis for the Insurance Industry...


sampleWhether your territory covers the entire country or just a state or two, we'll help you and your teams keep a finger on the pulse of the hazardous weather conditions that matter to you most,  24/7/365. 

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Verification Reports

sampleFrom hail, wind and tornado damage verification for a specific address to an interactive, regional map for catastrophe teams, we're here to help with all of your claim verification and response needs.

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Custom Solutions

sampleFrom historic and forensic weather analysis for actuarial, underwriting and reinsurance needs to innovative and cutting edge loss mitigation solutions, we've always got the weather covered for you and your insureds.

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   Some people are weather wise, but most are otherwise..."

-Benjamin Franklin

Enterprise Level Data for Insurance

At WeatherGuidance, we pride ourselves in applying a practical, cost effective approach to addressing the complex weather related needs of our customers.  We realize that the insurance industry faces particularly complex issues when it comes to dealing with weather events and data, no matter how large or small the event (or the company).

Our highly trained staff of experts includes those who not only specialize in meteorology, but also forensic data analysis & computer programming, many of whom have years of direct experience in the insurance industry itself.  We believe that this additional experience gives us a significant advantage when developing highly customized solutions for this weather sensitive industry.

We also invite you to take a look around our site.  The three "Learn More" tabs located toward the top of this page will go into greater detail regarding the various elements of our weather solutions which are designed specifically to meet the needs of the insurance industry.

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    Please feel free to browse our latest StormIntelligence brochure for additional details on our insurance and risk mitigation services:

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    We realize that one or more web pages and a brochure cannot come close to conveying the answers to each of your weather related questions and concerns.  The complex "big data" issues of today demand a highly specific, customized approach to doing business, especially when it comes to quantifying the vast array of weather and other natural hazard information that is out there.

    Please give us a call or use the online chat to learn more about our offerings specific to the insurance industry.  We're happy to give you a personal, one on one consultation - without cost or obligation!

    Customer feedback:

    "I will be referring you to other adjusters - your service is impeccable..."  -Don G., Summit Claim Services, Akron OH

    "Your reports and maps are easy to understand by associates at all levels of our organization.  We have also found your accuracy to be second to none in this industry" -Jim S., ASI Underwriters, St. Petersburg FL

    "Your services, data and support are outstanding!"  - Philip M., AmTrust Financial

    More Information...

    We know that weather information is not a "one size fits all" proposition...

    ...and we realize that your company has specific needs and concerns when it comes to that  information.

    Give us a call today to visit with a certified weather risk manager who is specially trained in the needs of the insurance industry.

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