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SiteWarn:  Custom, Site Specific Weather Information for the Solar PV Industry

Site Specific Forecasts & Warnings for Solar PV Hazards

All Inclusive Features:








Monitor Your Assets via the SiteWarn Web Portal:

•All of your locations (as well as supporting data at your descretion) plotted on an interactive map

•Overlay weather radar, satellite, lightning and other data; animate to see progress

•Toggle SiteWarn forecasts/outlooks, alerts, watches and warnings as you wish

•Receive pop-up SiteWarn alerts, watches and warnings per your specifications

•View site specific, 7 day forecast information and extended outlooks

•FTP and API based solutions are also available









Warnings are Customized to Fit Your Specific Requirements:

•WeatherGuidance meteorologists monitor your location(s) 24/7/365

•Alerts, watches and warnings are issued per your specifications

We do not repackage NWS warnings; SiteWarn products are made from scratch per your specific operational needs

•If the NWS issues a warning for your location(s) but there is no threat, we will advise on that condition also, letting you know that action is not required

•FTP and API based solutions are also available


SiteWarn PV Weather Outlooks

sampleDetailed threat analysis for 1-3 days, and a general outlook to 7 days. Allows for advance notice and planning for potential threats.

SiteWarn PV Weather Watches

sampleIssued 3-6 hours in advance of a potential threat. Preparedness measures should be reviewed and the situation monitored closely.

SiteWarn PV Weather Warnings

sampleIssued when a threat is imminent (in 1 hour or less). Damage mitigation and safety plans should be activated immediately.

Advance Warning for Stow Conditions:


High Wind/Tornado

Heavy Snow/Ice

Advance Warning for Loss Mitigation: